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March 2023

Duncan Taylor Black Bull Challenge

March 23rd to 26nd

The Challenge presented by KGA

March 28th to 31st

April 2023

Haugschlag NÖ Open

April 26th to 28th

May 2023

B-NL Challenge Trophy

May 18th to 21st

Copenhagen Challenge

May 25th to 28th

Riedhof Open

May 29th to 31st

June 2023

Blot Open de Bretagne

June 22nd to 25th

Mémorial Oliver Barras

June 27th to 29th

SGPSC Wylihof

July 3rd

July 2023

Euram Bank Open

July 13th to 16th

Cuber Open

July 17th to 19th

Raiffeisen PGT St. Pölten

July 25th to 27th

August 2023

Vierumäki Finnish Challenge

August 17th - 20th

Staan Open

August 24th - 26th

September 2023

Challenge de Espana

September 7th - 10th

Open de Portugal

September 14th - 17th

Swiss Challenge

September 21st - 24th

1. Stage Q-School Royal Oak

September 26th - 29th

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