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January 2024

Trainingscamp in Al Ain

January 13th to 20th

Red Sea Ain Sokhna Classic

January 23rd to 25th

Red Sea Egyptian Classic

January 28th to 30th

February 2024

Golf Mad Open

February 20th to 22nd

Golf Mad Championship

February 24th to 26th

March 2024

Allegria Open

March 12th to 13th

New Giza Pyramids Challenge

March 17th to 19th

April 2024

Abu Dhabi Challenge

April 18th to 21st

Haugschlag NÖ Open

April 24th to 26th

May 2024

Raiffeisen PGT St. Pölten

May 14th to 16th

Danish Golf Challenge

May 23rd to 26th

SGPSC Tag Zürichsee

May 27th

June 2024

Royal Homburger Open

June 3rd to 5th

The Iron Duke Belgian Open

June 11th to 13th

July 2024

SGPSC Tag Rheinblick

July 1st

Gradi Polish Open

July 3rd to 5th

Northern Ireland Open

July 25th to 28th

August 2024

Irish Challenge

August 1st to 4th

Staan Open

August 15th to 17th

Mono Gelpenberg Open

August 21st to 23rd

Stippelberg Open

August 27th to 29th

September 2024

SGPSC Tag Holzhäusern

September 9th

Open de Portugal

September 12th to 15th

Castanea Resort Championship

September 30th to October 2nd

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