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About Me

Born on the 29. of March 1995 in Horgen (CH), where I still live up until this date. With the age of 7, I began to play in the Golf and Country Club Schönenberg. Since the age of 15,

I’ve been hooked and addicted to the sport. Before I could fully focus on golf, I finished my studies of Architecture at the ETH Zürich (ranked 6th in the world of all universities) in December 2019. Since 2021, I work 20% parttime as a property evaluator to cover a part of the costs from playing on tour.

My personality:

- work meticulously -

- effectively efficient -

- performance orientated - 

- driven by passion -

My perseverance has been trained to extreme levels due to my dual career that I’ve chosen in the past, therefore, I can say with confidence that it has become one of my strengths. Through this trait I have created a team over time - tailored perfectly for me.

My Gear


Titleist TSR3      8°

3 Wood

Titleist TSR3     15°

Iron 2

Titleist T-MB    18°


Titleist 620 MB


Vokey SM9 50° 56° 60°


Scotty Cameron Newport 2


Titleist Pro V1x


Footjoy Tour Alpha


Vessel Player III

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